Adult Classes

Adult Acting

Adult Acting is for the over 18 actor, beginning or more experienced.  The class will consist of technique exercises, improv work, relaxation exercises and monologue and scene work.  This is a class to get you out of your comfort zone and onto the stage.  If you are more experienced, this class will strengthen your skills and help you become a more expressive truthful actor.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking classes are a form of structured training that helps people improve their speaking skills and become more effective, powerful communicators.  If you are looking to conquer your fear of speaking in front of others, this is the class for you.  Public Speaking classes are for anyone and everyone that wants to improve their communication skills.  Public Speaking is a common fear and many people have some sort of speaking or social anxiety.  Public speaking classes help people conquer fears, become more confident speakers and improve their methods of communication and delivery. The class will include relaxation and preparation techniques, speech delivery training and professional feedback.

Adult Tap

Adult Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style and sound.  This fun class will explore different tap styles and work on technique and choreography.  Get ready to have an amazing time!

Adult Musical Theatre

Adult Musical Theatre Dance will focus on learning basic proper dance technique while exploring various dance styles used in Broadway shows. This class is meant to be challenging, aerobic and tons of fun! Singing along is absolutely encouraged!

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