Technical and Production Classes

Introduction to Media Arts

This course will provide the fundamental knowledge of audio, video, computers, and lighting needed for the student to take a hands-on role in the recording studio, live venue, and theatrical arts.  The student will learn the theory behind, and operation of the equipment used in the entertainment industry.  This will make them ready to continue their study with a firm head start.


Students will take a hands-on approach to recording audio in our very own in-house recording studio.  Using the knowledge they gained from the introduction to media arts class.  Students will be trained on using both analog and digital recording equipment to capture in studio performances. The student will also learn techniques in recording, mixing, and mastering audio tracks.

Live Sound Production

The student will learn how to setup and operate sound for live events.  They will be taught the fundamentals of live audio, mixing consoles, speaker placement, microphones, and stage monitoring.  The course is designed to get the student ready to run live performances put on by Stage Artistry Studios.

Stage Lighting

The student will learn about the theory of lighting a stage, the equipment used, and how to operate the equipment.  Students will design and light performances put on by Stage Artistry Studios.

Show Production

This class is where all the knowledge the student has gained is put into a practical experience.  The students will work together with other students in the tech track to design, build, and operate shows put on by Stage Artistry Studios.

Video Production

In this class, students will learn the ins and outs of video production which will culminate in the student producing a video project of their own.  Students will learn skills in camera operation, editing, audio, storyboards, scripts, and everything it takes to put together a finished product.

These classes are for students who are age 10-18.


Gain the knowledge.

Students will learn the fundamentals and background of the audio, lighting, and stage industry.


Develop your skills.

Work hands on with industry standard equipment allowing you to put your knowledge to use.


Run the show.

The students will be in charge of the show. Audio, lighting, design, and operation will be handled by the students.