Private Classes

Voice - 30 Minutes - $100/Month for students who take group classes

Voice - 30 Minutes - $120/Month for students just taking private voice

Acting - 30 Minutes - $120/Month

Voice/Acting combo - 60 Minutes $200/Month

Coaching - 30 Minutes - $30/Session

* Private class pricing is based on a 4 week month.

Group Classes

Acting/Musical Theatre For Teens 13-18 - 60 Minutes - $80/Month

Acting/Musical Theatre for Tweens 11-14 - 60 Minutes - $80/Month

Acting/Musical Theatre For Kids 7-12 - 60 Minutes - $80/Month

Broadway Babies For Ages 4-6 - 45 Minutes - $60/Month

Broadway Triple Threat For Kids & Teens 11 and up- 60 Minutes - $80/Month

Song Interpretation - 60 Minutes - $80/Month

Teen Acting/Monologue - 60 Minutes - $80/Month

Voice Acting - 60 Minutes - $80/Month

Dance Classes

Teen Ballet for Musical Theatre - 60 Minutes - $60/Month

Teen Jazz  - 60 Minutes - $60/Month

Teen Tap - 60 Minutes - $60/Month

Beginning Dance for Ages 3-6 - 45 Minutes - $60/Month

Kids Jazz & Tap Combo - 60 Minutes - $60/Month

Kids Ballet  - 60 Minutes - $60/Month

Technical Classes

Introduction to Media Arts - 30 Minutes - $40/Month

Studio Recording - 60 Minutes - $60/Month

Live Sound Production - 60 Minutes - $60/Month

Stage Lighting - 60 Minutes - $60/Month

Video Production "Make Your Own Movie" - 60 Minutes - $80/Month

Show Production - Design, Event Setup & Event - $40/Month

* Show Production is only available to track students.


Bundle Your Group Theatre Classes For Added Savings

First class is $80/month, add a second class for $70/month, add a third class for $60/month!


Take a track which includes four group classes for $200!  That's $50 per class/ month!

Save more with a 10% Sibling Discount and a

5% Paid In Full Discount if you pay for the entire semester up front.

Absence / Make Up Policy

If you are going to miss a lesson, please give our office 24-hour notice.  If you know in advance that you will be missing a specific lesson, please let your teacher know and a make up lesson will be arranged at that time for all private lessons.  Students are allowed three make ups a year.  These make up lessons must be scheduled within 30 days of the original date of your missed lesson.  We do not provide make up lessons for missed makeup lessons without 24-hour notice. If private lessons fall on a holiday or a day the studio closes for unanticipated weather, etc., the lesson will be rescheduled.  For group classes, if there is another session of the same class on the schedule, the student may take the other class, as a makeup that week.

Tuition Payment Policy

Tuition is due the 1st of every month for group lessons and private lessons.  There will be a $20 late fee applied for payments made passed the 15th of each month.  There is a $35 fee applied to returned checks.  A credit card can be kept on file for automatic payment and will be charged the 1st of every month.