Mean Girls Jr. Cast List

Damian – Allison DaSilva u/s Logan Rebello

Janis Sarkisian – Braelyn Andrade u/s Angelie DeOliveira

Cady Heron – Sienna Roveda u/s Molly Dupre

Mrs. Heron – Emmi Clark

Taylor – Charlotte Winterhalter

Caitlyn – Angelie DeOliveira

Rachel – Quin Guadalupe

Sonja Aquino – Grace Twomey

Mr. Duvall – Logan Rebello u/s Trahan Pires

Ms. Norbury – Nila Khoury u/s Kiah Allaire

French Teacher – Lauren Gregoire

Coach Carr – Keith Boucher u/s Trahan Pires

Regina George – Sophie DeOliveira u/s Quin Guadalupe

Gretchen – Lilly Ducharme u/s Eden Dupre

Karen Smith – Emma Terach u/s Molly Dupre

Glenn Coco – Colson Stevens

Aaron Samuels – Jax DaSilva u/s Evan Branco

Shane Oman – Evan Branco

Kevin G – Chris Aguiar u/s Colson Stevens

Mrs. George – Kiah Allaire

Dawn – Adrianna Amaral

Grace – Ariana Fernandes

Lizzie – Leah Wilkinson

Sophie – Avery Parker

Teary Girl – Lyvia Furtado u/s Grace Twomey

Martina – Ava Watson

Tony – Gage Pettey

Mathletes Moderator – Eden Dupre

Marymount Captain- Maxx Eastwood

Marymount 1 – Marilyn Pepin

Marymount 2 – Cora James

Marymount 3 – Kayden Machado

Caroline Kraftt – Ava Carey

Jason – Logan Whitehouse

Swing 1 – Molly Dupre (Mrs. George, Caroline Krafft, Taylor, Caitlyn, Rachel, Sonja)

Swing 2 - Eden Dupre (Mrs. Heron, French Teacher, Dawn, Grace, Lizzie, Sophie)

Swing 3 – Maxx Eastwood (Glenn Coco, Shane Oman, Jason)


Dance Captain – Lana Quadros


Chris Aguiar, Adrianna Amaral, Keith Boucher, Evan Branco, Ava Carey, Emmi Clark, Oliva Charest, Jax DaSIlva, Angelie DeOliveira, Caitlyn DeSousa, Molly Dupre, Eden Dupre, Maxx Eastwood, Ariana Fernandes, Lyvia Furtado, Kathryn Gifford, Lauren Gregoire, Quin Guadalupe, Cora James, Kayden Machado, Elizabeth Maldonado, Alivia Martins, Malia O Connor, Avery Parker, Marilyn Pepin, Gage Pettey, Trahan Pires,Lana Quadros, Ethan Sampson, Sydney Sears, Ellie Shivers, Colson Stevens, Grace Twomey, Layla Wallace, Ava Watson, Logan Whitehouse, Leah Wilkinson, Charlotte Winterhalter

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